Talent strategy

Only when the state is established and the government is governed, can the industry flourish.

Company firmly establish a science and technology is the first productive force, the concept of human resources is the first enterprise resources, adherence to the "free agent", "raise with combination of talent policy, within the enterprise has formed a good atmosphere of respect knowledge, respect talent.

Success, honor belongs to you. Failure is the responsibility of the enterprise.

Focus on the people-oriented talent strategy, the tolerant failure of the concept of employment, the targeted talent incentive mechanism. Since 1992, the first to try out technical elements involved in the distribution of the income distribution system reform, have more than one team participated in the product of a shareholder dividends, publicly and repeatedly weigh award for outstanding contribution to science and technology personnel, effectively attract talent, inspire talent's enthusiasm, creative, has formed the situation in which science and technology (hereafter, experts of virtue.

We will improve employees' lifelong education system and encourage them to continue their studies.

Employees are the first capital of the enterprise and the source of the power of enterprise development. Companies encourage employees to take an active part in beneficial to their own professional quality, professional skills training, career development planning and enterprise, created for young employees accept again a chance to improve, re-education, qualified employees to the education in colleges and universities for further study, enterprise pay full tuition, and given a full salary bonus. Through another company sent out for further study the method of combining and combat exercises cultivate technical backbone, have been submitted more than 20 technology and management personnel to the United States, Britain, France, Germany and other famous universities and research institutions to further their studies abroad, make the enterprise technology innovation has a strong talent base, build born born the restless innovation atmosphere.