Enrolled in the science park of hangzhou normal university.
2016-09-10 Source: Jin shiyuan co. LTD.


On September 10, 2016, hangzhou jinshiyuan pharmaceutical chemical co., ltd. was officially admitted to the science and technology park of hangzhou normal university (hereinafter referred to as "hangzhou normal university").

Hangzhou normal university science park is located in hangzhou city yuhang district warehouse before street view west road no. 1378, is the "twelfth five-year" planning of zhejiang province high and new technology industrial park, hangzhou "zhejiang overseas high-level talents innovation garden a garden (sea) and the linan research institutions in zhejiang province (city) of science and technology innovation base" in sanhu area "at the core of the park.

Hangzhou normal university science park to talent, technology, information and test equipment such as integrated combination of intelligence and other social resources advantages, provides the high quality service for the technical innovation and achievements transformation, promote the construction become open technology innovation base, high technology and new technology enterprise incubators, innovation, entrepreneurial talent aggregation and breeding base, the demonstration base of university-industry cooperation.

In hangzhou normal university of science and technology park, hangzhou normal university of science and technology park comprehensive resources advantages, to establish three-dimensional, diversified enterprise operating model, to achieve sustainable and rapid development of hangzhou Jin Shiyuan pharmaceutical chemical co., LTD.